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Design Solutions

Zippers for Vinyl Packaging

PVC trim for vinyl packaging

PVC Trims In Many Colors

Canvas Trimmed Button Closure for Vinyl Bags

Natural Cotton Canvas Trim with Wooden Button Closure

Canvas Bag

Poly Canvas Denier Tote w/embroidery

PVC Vinyl Waist Pack

Sewn PVC Waist Pack

Calvin Klein Vinyl Bag

Heat Sealed Frosted & Dyed PVC

Zipper Pulls

Vipac offers experienced design services to create your custom vinyl bag along with our excellent customer service. Our design team is well versed in crafting unique, quality vinyl bags and mixed materials packaging within a strict budget.

To further your company’s branding, we offer:

  • Custom sizes and quantities
  • Custom closures such as embossed zipper pulls, thumb press, ziplock sliders, & adhesive flaps
  • Matched Pantone colors as well as in stock available colors
  • Photo-quality printing
  • Unique construction such as custom shapes, pockets, and trim

Let us demonstrate how we can provide competitive pricing alongside superior quality in vinyl bags. Simply request a quote and we will assist you in creating your custom vinyl bag.

We have the ability to create any packaging you require. We firmly believe the only needs which can’t be met are the ones we don’t know about yet.






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